5 Reasons to Buy a Turntable



When I told my friends I got a record player the most common answer was: “Ok, turntables are vintage and cool, but WHY did you buy one?”. In this post I will try to tell you the most important reasons to buy one.

1. Turntables have better sound quality

At first, it is the same song as always, but then it starts: you start noticing that you can differentiate instruments better than before, and that you can notice details that before were not there.

Nothing can beat dropping the needle on a vinyl and start listening a song that it is the first time you hear it in a turntable.

Why is it better? Many website have written about that before.

2. You are more involved with the listening process

The fact that you have to have to gently pick up a vinyl, carefully place it on the platter, and slowly place the needle may sound boring, and even painful, to many. For me it is the other way around. I like being part of a manual process to hear my music. The ritual behind playing records it is something that no other listening device can match.

3. Vinyls and Turntables are sexy

Okay. I admit it. Many of us didn’t buy our turntable just because of the sound quality or other rational reasons. Some of us just feel that turntables and vinyls have an special appeal. I am not sure why we feel that, probably because we all have a vintage hipster inside of us.

4. Vinyls Album Art is great

I think this is one of my favorites reasons. What I like the most about my records are their covers. I am actually ashamed of recognizing that many times I have bought vinyls because of their covers, and not because of the music.

No more word are needed, just look at this records:

The  Beatles – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Eric Clapton – Slowhand 35th Anniversary
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band   Eric Clatop - Slowhand 35th Anniversary Vinyl
Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon  Radiohead – OK Computer
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon   Radiohead - OK Computer

5. It is an investment

You can find cheap record players and cheap vinyl and they don’t decrease their value! (as long as you take proper care of them). I am going to do and in-depth article on how to take care of your vinyl collection in the future, stay tuned!

The are thousands of reasons for buy a record player. You have one in mind that I did not mention? Comment it below!